Our Team


Mary Rasmussen
Mary is the driving force behind Virtual CSO LLC. Mary has strong marketing and sales experience developed over years as a Realtor specializing in luxury real estate and land development. Mary transitioned to an information security focus and has attended many security conferences and chapter meetings. Throughout the years she has developed a deep network of security leaders and practitioners through many 1:1 meetings and ongoing conversations that follow. Mary has the experience to help hiring managers articulate requirements. From there, she takes the time to find a candidate that directly addresses the client's needs.

Mary's LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/maryras
Mary's Portfolio Website: https://www.maryrasmussen.com

Gideon T. Rasmussen
Gideon Rasmussen is a Cybersecurity Management Consultant with 20 years of experience in corporate and military organizations. Gideon has designed and led programs including Information Security (as a CISO), PCI - Payment Card Security, Supplier Assessment, Application Security and Information Risk Management. Gideon has authored over 30 information security articles. He is a veteran of the United States Air Force, a graduate of the FBI Citizens Academy and a recipient of the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award. Gideon has also completed the Bataan Memorial Death March (4 occurrences).

Gideon's LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gideonrasmussen
Gideon's Portfolio Website: https://www.gideonrasmussen.com